Yoga is a state of mind revealed through dynamic exploration of otherwise habitual patterns of moving, thinking and breathing.

I invite individuals who come to my class to allow themselves to slow down, to listen and pay attention to what is happening within themselves in the present moment, and offer support for each person to practise in a way which meets their own unique needs.

Students who continue to practice on a regular basis notice an improvement in their ability to concentrate, to sleep well, and move with ease. Ease may also become apparent within their relationships, both towards themselves and others.

Through regular practice, over time, the applied practices of yoga can maintain health, prevent illness, and extend longevity as they restore optimal well being through the integration of body, mind and breath.

Womens Yoga

9.30am Fridays

Mens Yoga

6.00pm Mondays

Open Yoga

 10am Mon & 6pm Wed

Gentle Yoga Class

Gentle Yoga

10.00am Tuesdays

My yoga practice with Mischa is my oasis in an otherwise hectic life! As an experienced yoga instructor Mischa has a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology, and together with her acute intuition she is able to tailor each practice to meet your individual needs. I started practicing yoga over 10 years ago after a back operation when I thought I would never be “normal” again.

Only with Mischa’s expert knowledge in catering for my specific needs over this time has my flexibility and overall wellbeing been restored. Thank you Mischa!
— Susan
I love my regular private yoga lessons with Mischa
and can’t speak highly enough of her dedication and consistently exacting standards applied to every class. Mischa brings deep technical knowledge, insight and great sensitivity to her teaching and provides a calm, peaceful and restorative environment. As well as gaining from the clear physical benefits of her yoga moves (which include enormous help with a shoulder injury), I come away from my practice feeling lighter, more focused and balanced. A wonderful way to ease life’s pressures!
— Linda D. Corporate Executive
My husband and I have been going to Earth Sky Yoga for four years twice weekly and would highly recommend Mischa. The small classes are wonderful and offer personal attention. Mischa has highly intuitive knowledge of the human body and is especially talented at understanding what type of yoga poses the individual would find most beneficial according to their lifestyle and needs. We leave each class feeling strong, relaxed and peaceful.
— Gina C
I have been receiving regular massage from Mischa for 10 years or more. The depth of her knowledge of the body combined with being a skilled yoga therapist plus an acute ability to attune to her client’s physical and emotional needs makes Mischa a highly skilled body therapist. Her boundaries are clear, she is able to meet you where you are at and provide you with what you need. Her work is deep, compassionate and effective. Her rooms are beautiful, spacious and peaceful. I walk away from her massages feeling that something has shifted and always deeply grateful. She makes a difference.
— Monica Masero, Relationship Counselor (Pause and Effect Change)