Mens Yoga Class

Men's Class

During my early career I taught lunch time classes in corporate organisations (including Microsoft, Macquarie Bank, Wesfarmers, & Computer Associates). Many of my most committed students in that environment were men. Somehow the way I taught had relevance to urban office working males, rather than aspiring acrobats.

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Now that I teach in a Studio context, I continue to offer a weekly Men’s Class, partly as a complementary class to my Women's Class.

Interestingly, the Men's Class is the one class which has been consistently booked out in the 12 years since my Studio opened - which I believe speaks to the accessibility and relevance of what male students learn in the class. Nothing taught in that class is 'exclusive' to men. Rather there is an explicit understanding that men also practice yoga. And, there is a different group energy created in a room with only men, than there is when a solo male is practicing in a class full of women.

Lycra leggings definitely not required!

Womens Yoga Class

Women's Class

The women’s class provides a space for women of all ages and stages of life to practice together with other women to promote, maintain and restore their health.


Daughter, sister, girlfriend, Mother, wife...small business woman, yummy Mummy, lover, musician, artist - we are all uniquely creative beings juggling the many roles we play.The Women’s Class provides a safe space for women of all ages and stages of life to practice together with other women to promote, maintain and restore their health. Creating space to connect with your own deep inner wisdom on a regular basis is a smart investment of your valuable time. Our Woman's class provides a safe, inclusive space for women at any stage of life to direct their attention towards themselves, align their physical being from within and strengthen mental focus and clarity.

Each class offers a breath based practice which includes physical movements exploring balance, mental focus and strength, inviting an inner connection with your unique present moment experience.

Yoga for all levels

Open Class

Open classes are for anyone to attend. As class size is limited to a maximum of 6 people, there is plenty of individual attention to your unique needs. Practice is taught according to the time of the day, the season, what is happening for you internally, and your level of experience.

Gentle Yoga Class

Gentle Class

This class is for those individuals who are beginning their yoga practice, recovering from illness or injury, and would benefit from learning how to pay attention to internal bodily sensations (interoception), along with being able to accurately sense their body relative to movement in space (proprioception).

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Philosophy

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is a classic yoga text packed with powerful ancient wisdom relevant to contemporary urban life. Learn to chant the Sanskrit sutras whilst exploring their personal relevance to your daily life through dialogue and discussion utilising translations provided by Edwin F. Bryant & TKV Desikachar.

(In this video) hear Raghu Ananthanarayanan of Ritambhara, discuss the timeless relevance of the Yoga Sutras.

No prior experience necessary.